Booking my clients

Team Champion From Left to Right A fan, Captain Wilder, Slim JIm Dolly, D4TPinkHero on Bourbon Street Wrestlemania 30 week

Who Are My Clients? 

D4TPinkHero a champion and superhero in the fight against breast cancer. A wrestler in training who is an internet darling amongst wrestling fans even making appearances on WWE Swerved, Ring of Honor, Buzzfeed, Sportskeeda, Bleachers Report, Wrestlezone and Long Island Bound Magazine. Always the life of the party great with kids, out going, loved by most. 

Slim Jim Dolly a rapper and song writer. Who is signed to Coast to Coast and came in 25th place out of 207 in the Hot 97 Premium McSnack wRap rap battle. The creator of Dolly Delights loves creating strange questionable but creative foods in the kitchen. 

How far are you willing to travel? 

Any where and we mean anywhere.

How much are your clients charging?

All prices are negotiable we are still a fairly new company and want to make a name for ourselves.

What do we need to cover to get your clients? 

A place to stay, food and a little bit of spending money.

Can we see what your clients have accomplished?

Yes check our website

D4TPinkHero social media accounts are 

@D4tpinkhero on all accounts except facebook 

Slim Jim Dolly social media accounts are 

@SlimJimDolly on Twitter and Facebook 

The company social media account is 


If I want to book a client what is the best method? 

Call me or email me 914-364-2633 Or 

Why would I want to book your clients over somebody else? 

My clients will donate 1/2 of their profits to charity. This is the only talent company the strives on trying to make it but save the world and build up our partners all at the same time. 

Created by Slim Jim Dolly aka James Dwyer