Do You Or A Loved One Have Cancer? Need Help?

Public House NYC Open Bar Event For Breast Cancer Hosted by D4TPinkHero

Do you or a loved one have Cancer and need help ? 

Hello , my name is James Dwyer the manager of D4tpinkhero. We understand you are scared and nervous about the cancer you or a love one may have. We understand your pain and money is becoming a struggle we understand and want to help. We also want you to have fun and not be stressed during your time of need. We will be more than happy to host an event in your honor and give you 100% of the profits to you to ease the stress caused by the pain.


Did you just say 100 percent? 

Yes , yes I did.


What's the catch? 

Well let me explain how our events typically work. We usually do Open Bar Events. We speak to the bar and the bar usually takes half and gives the cause the other half. So the bar makes money and YOU make money off the Open Bar  that's it. 

How does the pink super hero make money?

At the events we will be selling merchandise some of which you see on this website. After we subtract what each item cost Dollyville Entertainment the breast cancer superhero gets 60 percent of the merchandise sales , Dollyville Entertainment gets 25 percent and his manager gets 15 percent.

Want to hear how the way the company pays D4TPinkHero helps you? 

Here's what makes D4TPinkHero a real champion and superhero in the fight against breast cancer. He always donated half of his merchandise sales to the cause EVERY TIME.

So in a single event Dollyville Entertainment and D4TPINKHERO will raise money for you through the EVENT itself and merchandise sales.

How far are you willing to travel to help me or my loved one? 

We will go anywhere to help anyone, we promise however without us subtracting things like gas , ez-pass , flight, hotel into the profits under a 6 hour radius from Fordham Road Bronx NY. But Dollyville Entertainment covers for its clients  gas , ez-pass,  hotel if it's under the 6 hour radius. 


Created by Slim Jim Dolly aka James Dwyer