D4TPinkHero getting ready for the Hollywood Collectibles event in Massachusetts.

D4TPinkHero is a superhero and a champion in the fight against breast cancer. The outfit he created during his college years just for fun times at parties now stands for something more than he could have ever imagined it would be! Because during one fateful conversation at Pirate Con NYC that pink outfit turned into a symbol of hope. It all started when an excited fan ran up to D4TPinkHero, excitedly saying "oh my God, it's breast cancer super hero man!" The fan then went on about how important it was to have a literal hero fighting for such an important cause that was near and dear to his heart. D4TPinkHero didn't have breast cancer on his radar at the time, but after discussing this conversation with his friends James Dwyer (Slim Jim Dolly) and Charles Jones (Captain Wilder) the pink superhero now had a cause to fight for. Over the years D4TPinkHero has raised thousands of dollars for various breast cancer charities through his Go Pink Bash events, as well as through tabling at various events where he sells merchandise and takes pictures with fans. D4TPinkHero has hosted Go Pink Bash events all over New York. These charity event locations have included 49 Grove and Public House in Manhattan, Danny Boy's Tavern and Burke's Restaurant & Bar in Yonkers, and Rambling House in The Bronx.

Through his Wrestlemania Week appearances he's become an internet darling amongst wrestling fans worldwide. He's even made appearances on WWE's Swerved, Ring of Honor's Super Card of Honor,  wrestlezone.com, bleacher report, sportskeeda, and BuzzFeed. He has even started selling his own merchandise at sporting coventions! D4TPinkHero has made vendor appearances at the Icons of Wrestling event in Pennsylvania, at the Hollywood Collectibles and Bulldog Enterprises events in Massachusetts, and was a special guest at the 2017 New England Patriots Draft Day Party. D4TPinkHero is also in the process of breaking into the wrestling industry himself, attending his first wrestling class at Chikara Pro in May of 2017.

To learn more about D4TPinkHero check him out on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. His handle is @D4TPinkHero across all platforms. Do you want to book D4TPinkHero for an upcoming event? Or do you or someone you know need a Go Pink Bash event thrown? Because he's more than happy to help raise money for causes outside of breast cancer, you know! So if you do need him, please contact his manager James Dwyer by phone 914-364-2633 or by email DollyvilleEntertainment@gmail.com

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Created by Slim Jim Dolly aka James Dwyer