You want to be star? Thinking Dollyville Entertainment For You?

By clicking on this tab I'm going to assume you have a dream. Yes? Great Perfect. What is It? Do you think you can achieve it ? Stop if the answer is No, then your already wrong. Understand . Good. 

My name is James Dwyer the owner of Dollyville Entertainment and  the talent manger behind D4TPinkHero. I have hired 3 people Charles Wilder the President of Talent Relations and the talent manager of Slim Jim Dolly. We have Joshua Reynoso who is the Vice President of Dollyville Entertainment. We also have Tori Nastasio as the executive assistant and lead photographer under Dollyville Entertainment. One of these 4 will help you achieve your dreams. 

What experience does your company have ? 

We has a company have experience in getting our talents exposure. Don't believe me? D4TPInkHero is on 3 WWE Network Shows, Ring of Honor Preshow in Philadelphia, Jerry Springer, Wrestlezone, Bleacher Report, Sports Keeda, Buzz Feed and Long Island Bound Magazine. And Slim Jim Dolly signed to Coast 2 Coast and featured on Hot 97. 1 of our staff members have a  Degree in sports management, another one has a Degree in Business Administration.

How long does this process takes I want to be famous like yesterday? 

It really depends on you. It depends on your dedication, your drive , your heart and your skill. If you want it our team will go above and beyond. 

What is my cut when I start making money?

50 percent of the profits. 

Whoa why only half ?

Here's how the break down is going to go YOU get half of the profits , Your the talent you deserve it good job , great work. Your manager gets 15 % this person no matter who it is booked the gig for you and stood by you 100% of the way and deserves to get paid. The company gets 35% why because we will be doing the marketing, the advertising , the getting you exposed, booking the hotels and if necessary flights making sure you are prepared for your moment in the sun.

If you believe you are talented or need help starting a business and agree to these terms contact the company or if you want to speak to me directly contact me by phone 9143642633 

Created by Slim Jim Dolly aka James Dwyer